Hi, I'm Glynnis.

I’m a UX Designer at Boundless, an open source platform for location-based data. Previously, I led design on the EncoreUI Framework, a design system and component library for internal tools at Rackspace.

I’m passionate about creative collaboration, interdisciplinary teams, and the spaces where elegant code and delightful experiences overlap.

When I’m not designing for the web, I design books and print collateral for Big Class, a New Orleans nonprofit that cultivates and supports voices of writers aged 6 to 18. People also know me know me as a calligrapher, tea connoisseur, and tabletop gaming nerd.

What I do

My Process

Glynnis is an excellent communicator who also consistently helped facilitate planning the direction of our projects. Her ability to see the big picture for the company and maintain a detail-oriented view in her role made the projects Glynnis was on successful. Glynnis is able to interweave between the development and design skill sets such that she can excel at both roles.
–Javier Gonzalez, Software Development Manager @ Rackspace